Why I created Expert Online Tutors


    After 30 years in education and more than 15 education institutions in three continents, I grew disheartened by the lack of freedom and fun we teachers have in the classroom. The priority in most cases is on getting results and pleasing managers who usually forget they were once teachers too.


As for tutoring companies, I registered with a few but soon realized that their priority was profit before the teachers’ job satisfaction and working conditions.


Last year, we noticed the sharp increase in demand for private tuition as many parents struggled with home-schooling and felt that their children were not getting the education they wanted for them from their schools, especially during the current pandemic.


That is the reason why we have decided to join forces with several Expert Online Tutors to offer an affordable alternative for parents and their children.


Through our human and personalized approach, our students develop study habits and effective learning strategies that will help them improve their confidence and develop their potential. Our aim is to help our students learn to become independent thinkers and decision makers through our DIY monitored approach.


We look forward to working with you.

Alejandro Osorio

Our Mission:

Tailor Made Educational Services

Some of our tutors have more than 30 years teaching experience and some others are starting their career. We all have one on one teaching experience on top of our classroom expertise. We are happy to support students in their learning journey and we are ready to help them expand their minds, talents and skills.


We offer personalised online teaching services at affordable prices and use our lessons to improve on areas of difficulty. We are also happy to introduce students to new areas they have not learnt yet in order to help them achieve better results.


We look forward to hearing from you and happy to answer any queries. For all your online tutoring and subject preparation needs, contact us today.



The EOT team