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Welcome to the EOT hub for our students and tutors based in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates (UAE). A list of available services are on the right, for any enquiries please use the Contact page or email us directly at

Available tutors:


Elvis Achu

Teaches: French

19 years of solid experience in teaching French language as a subject and a course to middle and high school students, professionals and individuals.

Knowledgeable in French language art standards, modern classroom teaching methods and assessment system.

Expert in guiding students through IB, CBSCE, ICSE and mostly preparing students for various public exams and official French language certification.


Alejandro Osorio

Teaches: Spanish & EAL/EFL/ESL

Alejandro has been an EAL/EFL/ESL and Spanish teacher for over 30 years. He has experience working in four different countries, in three continents.


He has taught primary school age children, teenagers, young adults and mature students. 


He has experience teaching the UK curriculum, the US curriculum, the IB Diploma and the Colombian curriculum.

International localised educational services.

We are happy to offer a new platform in which both teachers and students can meet and interact. If you are an educator or a student looking for on-line teaching this is the place for you. Please contact us with your requirements as we are here to help.


Learn French as a foreign language:

If you're living or studying in Dubai, knowing a second European language can help you immensely, whether it be for pleasure or for conducting business with international clients. We can offer you classes in French, Spanish and English.


Learn Spanish as a foreign language:

Let us teach you Spanish and even Spanish culture.


Learn English as a foreign language or second language:

Speaking English can you assist you immensely, especially when travelling to Europe. We cater our lessons to your learning level from beginner to advanced.

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