Testimonials from our Satisfied Clients


A recent video testimonial in praise of our French tutor Elvis Achu.

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Here is a statement from both students and management in regards to Spanish teacher Carlos Blanco:

Student statement: I have always found Carlos to be efficient and reliable with a particular interest in and care for the individual pupil. Our school operates a system of one to one tutoring both pastorally and academically and Carlos has always been very thorough and caring to his pupils. As a native speaker of Spanish he brings authenticity and expert subject knowledge to his teaching.

From senior staff: The pupils’ questionnaires are very positive. All pupils in A level enjoy learning Spanish and Carlos’ lessons and feel that they are given positive feedback to help them improve. The pupils agree that assignments are handed back on time, the work is marked thoroughly and this helps them with their progress.


A video testimonial for our Spanish tutor and director Alejandro Osorio.

Below is another testimonial from a student in regards to Alejandro's teaching skills:

"I have been struggling with the jump from GCSE Spanish to A Level, and Alejandro has really helped me improve and gain confidence. 

He has really encouraged me with my spoken Spanish, he is really knowledgable about what is required for the exams, and he has helped me with the translation of Spanish literature by being analytical and enthusiastic, while also challenging me. 

Alejandro is a great teacher because he is so fun, encouraging and patient, but the main thing is that in a short space of time, I have learnt so much. Every session feels so worthwhile and so helpful for me. He makes even the boring topics interesting!"

Shanklin M